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hello, again.

It’s been a crazy two+ years for everyone, but especially for the hospitality industry. We’re. Still. Here. For that, I am grateful.

There’s nothing like being on the brink of exponential expansion and being cut down by an invisible organism to force you to review your entire life’s purpose and trajectory. It’s been a bumpy ride for me personally. Isolation is not my thing. Fortunately, we’ve been keeping just busy enough, and I’ve got the most amazing team that has stuck with me throughout this entire ordeal.

Through all the chaos, here’s a couple of highlights from the past few years: we attended the 2020 OP farmers markets, served the 2021 KC Women's Soccer Team (KC Current), fed attendees of OP's 2020-2021 Terra Luna events, served attendees of the 2021 City of Gardner’s Grand Slam Event, and a score of other random small and large events.

On the flip side, a crazy lady drove through our overhead door at The Table, which then took TEN months to get replaced and made us look like we were closed. *Womp Womp*

We took that time in stride by freshening up the inside and painting a temporary mural outside to disguise the boarded-up opening (shout out to our lovely friends, who spearheaded that endeavor!)

Finally in April of this year, we got our new overhead door and were able to let the sunlight into our new, fresh space! Which brings us to today....

We’ve split.

We've decided to separate our two entities into The Table Café | Market | Catering and Engineered Edibles Catering Co.

Over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to grow The Table into a quaint European-inspired café, which features delicious pressed sandwiches, fresh salads, a selection of local and imported food goods - and, now, event catering.

Moving forward, Engineered Edibles Catering Co. will provide corporate lunch services only.

All of our event catering will be done through The Table Catering. [All existing and future event catering orders will be executed via The Table.]

We’ve expanded our offerings to be more automated via our website and to include mostly pickup party trays for events less than 60 people. We are still offering buffet services for larger events at a limited scheduling capacity.

If you haven’t visited The Table, yet, our market has blossomed into a beautiful rotating selection of local and imported food goods. The deli is filled up with our lemonades, charcuterie, dips, salads, and spreads. And our sandwiches and salads are unique and delicious!

As far as corporate lunch services go, at the moment, we’re still in a bit of a holding pattern. We've got a small health-conscience executive group that we feed bi-weekly. Our original two companies are navigating returning to their respective offices, like most large offices are right now. (One of my coordinators shared that they’re having a hard time getting folks back in because we’re not serving them lunch right now.)

We’re remaining hopeful that someone with a larger group will reach out to us to get the ball rolling, again! We’ve had a handful of smaller requests, so that is promising. We miss the connection between our daily clients, but we also understand the complexity of returning to an office environment after what the past two+ years have involved.

We appreciate all of our current and past clients that have supported and continue to support us, while we wade forward into the unknown. I’m praying for more ease in our lives. We’ve been pivoting endlessly, and we’re exhausted. But, we’re still hopeful for our future.

Come on down to The Table for lunch and a quick chat - we’d love to see your face! And, if you’re back in the office, let your administrator know that we’re available to feed you.

With love,

Ellen Beier, PE


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