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about us.

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where it all began...

The Table began as a touch point between our parent company Engineered Edibles Catering Co. (EE) and the community, during the OP Farmer’s Market in 2019. EE was catering corporate lunches throughout the week, while ​The Table served a limited brunch menu on Saturdays only. With our corporate lunches on hold due to the pandemic, ​we shifted our focus to expanding The Table and its offerings. Over the past two years, our little shop has evolved into the buzzing European-inspired café and market it is today! 


the table makes life tastier.

We want you to know that whatever you order or grab from The Table will be of the utmost quality: Handmade. Sourced with care. Delicious. We only offer things we love! Whether you need lunch just for you, a gift for your favorite foodie, or catering trays for a crowd, we’re here for you.

Your quick stop for food inspiration!

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our food philosophy.

WE LOVE FOOD. It literally keeps us alive! We believe that food can nourish or pollute our bodies. We’ve made a conscious decision to put better, higher quality food into our bodies and onto our tables by limiting pre-packaged products and the preservatives that go along with them.


The vast majority of the food we serve is scratch-made in our kitchen or sourced locally from vendors in Kansas City who follow our whole ingredient philosophy.

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a note from the owner.

I love exploring different cultures and countries through their food. My travels to Italy and France are my inspiration for the menu and most of the products available at ​The Table.


At the café, we’ve brought in unexpected flavors to the world’s simplest sandwich: the grilled cheese. With the creative use of cheeses, meats, and condiments - pressed between bread - we’ve created some masterpieces! Our salads are fresh with luxurious toppings. And our lemonade is out of this world! We make all our items from scratch with little to no preservatives, so you know what’s in your food…and what’s not.


For the market, we’ve curated a collection of imported and local goods that are different from what you can find anywhere else in town! French butter. Beautiful imported Italian pasta. Authentic Chicago giardiniera. All.The.Goat.Cheese. (I might have an obsession). As I discover new products that I love, I pursue getting them in bulk to share with you. Our stock changes frequently, so come see what we’ve got in store!


I left my engineering career to do catering. I love creating experiences for people through food! Although the past couple of years have not been conducive to catering, things are starting to move forward - people are gathering, again! We want to help make your event special. We especially want to ease the strain on you, the host(ess), by offering a selection of delicious, reliable party trays for pick up. Check out our catering page to see what we have to offer.


Come visit us at the table to experience something fresh and different!

The Beier Family, 2021.

Ellen Beier, PE